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Symfony’s Console component and the commands provided by Symfony framework are one of my favourite things about Symfony, it can help to quickly bootstrap a new project or perform tasks whilst maintaining an existing one.

This was a script I came across on Github to enable Symfony console auto complete for all projects without adding any additional code to your projects.

Say I started typing app/console cacTAB, this script would allow me to auto complete the cache command or view the available commands. This also works for your own console commands on a per project basis.

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At some point when using Javascript you’ll need to pop open a window.

This is straight-forward for people with only 1 display but I also needed to account for people with 2 displays. Here’s the snippet of code I used.

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A list of awesome useful mac tools I come across and use.

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We can use the Doctrine\ORM\Tools\Pagination\Paginator class in doctrine to paginate results without the use of any additional libraries or bundles, here’s a quick walk through on how to paginate a result set with Symfony, Doctrine & Twig.

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If you’re researching who owns a domain name, who.is is the place to go.

You can grab the same information for any domain programmatically using the following steps, it’s completely free to do and doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

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